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How it works ...

To schedule a shift, click to the login screen and log in to the system using the username and password you chose during registration. If you forget your password enter your user name in the password reset form and click Submit. Once logged in choose “My Schedule” from the menu. You will see a calendar showing the current month. Right click in the square for the date that you are available to respond and choose “Add Shift”. Select the unit and the type of shift that you are available for. Shift types include Responder (Day or Night) and Secondary (Night).

The Responder carries the CFR phone and AED, the secondary is notified by the primary once a call comes in. Once you’re done. Click the Update button to add the shift to your schedule. The shifts show up on the calendar as you add them. To change a shift you added already, right click the shift on the calendar and select “Edit Shift”.

To move the shift to another date simply left click and drag it to another calendar date and release the mouse button. If you want to use the same shift details on more than one date you can set up a shift as above. Then, right click and copy it and paste it into the dates that suit.

Once you have volunteered for one or more shifts this updates the master schedule for the volunteer coordinator. During each month the schedule is finalized for the following month. Some or all of the shifts for which you have volunteered will be assigned to you. A notification will be sent when the schedule changes. When a shift is assigned to you it will turn blue on the “My Schedule” screen.

Read this blog post about how to connect your phone (or other device) to your shift calendar.